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Enterprise Premium Plans

Suitable for enterprises and teams, broad authorization scope makes your design safer



Ideal for Start-up team

1 Users

100 Downloads/Year

Limit 5000 Copies Print

E-billing Provided

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68% of businesses choose Standard



Ideal for Micro Enterprise

1-4 Users

Unlimited Downloads

Limit 20000 Copies Print

E-billing Provided

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+1 Year


Ideal for Medium-sized Enterprise

1-10 Users

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited Copies Print

E-billing Provided

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Authorized Use Range Comparison

Use the chart below to help determine which license works best for you

What you get Personal Premium








+1 Year



Applicable groups For Personal Use Start-up Team Micro Enterprise Medium-sized Enterprise
Authorization Term Permanent Permanent Permanent Permanent
Portrait Authorization Permanent Permanent Permanent
Authorized Agreement Personal Authorization Enterprise Authorization Enterprise Authorization Enterprise Authorization
Online Invoice

Social Media Marketing

(Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, etc.)

Personal Commercial Use

(Limit 20,000 Impressions)

Digital Media Marketing

(SMS, Email,Online Advertising, E-books, etc.)

Personal Commercial Use

(Limit 20,000 Impressions)

Web, Mobile, Software Page Design

Web and APP Design,Software and Game Skin,H5,E-commerce and Product, etc.

Personal Commercial Use

(Limit 20,000 Impressions)

Physical Product Printed Items

Product packaging,Books and Magazines,Newspapers,Cards,Posters, Brochurs,Coupons, etc.

Personal Commercial Use

(Printing Limit 200 copies)

Limit 5000 Copies Print Limit 20000 Copies Print Unlimited Copies Print

Product Marketing and Business Plan Report

Proposal of Network Design, VI Design,Marketing Planning,PPT(Non-Resale), etc.

Personal Commercial Use

Outdoor Advertising Marketing and Display

(Outdoor Billboards, Bus ADs;Shop Windows,Office Building,Hotel, Shops, Other Public Places, etc. )

Personal Commercial Use

(Printing Limit 200 copies)

Mass Digital Media

(CD, DVD, Movie, TV, Video, etc.)

Personal Commercial Use

(Limit 20,000 Impressions)

Physical product resale

textiles, mobile phone cases, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, cups, T-shirts

Online resale

Mobile wallpaper, Design templates, Design elements, PPT templates and use our designs in main element to resale.

Portrait Commercial Use

(For learning and communication only)

Portrait-sensitive Use

(tobacco, medical, pharmaceutical,cosmetic and other industries)

(Please contact customer service)

(Please contact customer service)

(Please contact customer service)

(Please contact customer service)

Tips:For users who do not use the images in accordance with the above copyright requirements, Lovepik reserves the right to claim compensation of not less than $99 per image!

If the above plans can not meet your needs, Please contact the customer service to customize

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Enterprise Premium Use Steps

Operation guide, convenient and fast


Enter the enterprise homepage

Drop down avatar, enter the enterprise homepage


Invite new members

Copy link invites new members to join


Agree to apply to join

Click on the link to apply agreed to join, administrators agree


Delete the staff privilege

Click the delete button to remove one's staff privilege after leaving the job


Apply for receipts online

Fill in enterprise information to apply for digital receipts

To experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions? Chat With Us!

What is the difference between Personal Premium and Enterprise Premium?

The scope of authorization is different, and the material for personal premium download is only for personal business (for example, the store of the individual registration subject, the personal website, the article in the name of the individual, etc.) The enterprise premium is for the company's commercial use.

I purchased the Enterprise Premium using my personal account. What should I do if I want to resign?

Go to the enterprise home page, in the member management page, click the administrator permission transfer, and transfer to the designated employee.

Will my personal premium plan be affected when an enterprise premium privilege is added to then removed from my account?

Enterprise premium privileges covers all personal premium privileges. When you're added to an enterprise account, you'll be upgraded automatically. However, your personal premium plan won't be affected when quitting enterprise account.

Thousands of satisfied clients

Lovepik provides the most secure resources for companies.

"I have been using lovepik for almost 1 year. This is very good. All the pictures and design materials on the website are copyrighted and the commercial use is very safe."

Design Manager New York

"The group company has a lot of designers, a single account can not meet the needs of the entire team, all problems are solved after meeting the lovepik corporate members."

Iead Designer Korea

"Lovepik's material is very suitable for all ki-nds of designers to use, the quality is also good, the material closely follows the trend of the design industry. Portrait copyright is guaranteed, and print ads are super easy."

Freelance Designer Brazil


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