Lovepik image authorized use range

Use the chart below to help determine which license works best for you

What you get Free User

Personal Premium


Enterprise Premium

Download Speed 0.5MB/s 10MB/s 10MB/s
Authorization Term Permanent Permanent Permanent
Portrait Authorization Permanent Permanent
Authorized Agreement Personal Authorization Enterprise Authorization

Social Media Marketing

(Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, etc.)

Attribution required

Digital Media Marketing

(SMS, Email,Online Advertising, E-books, etc.)

Attribution required

Web, Mobile, Software Page Design

Web and APP Design,Software and Game Skin,H5,E-commerce and Product, etc.

Attribution required

Product Marketing and Business Plan Report

Proposal of Network Design, VI Design,Marketing Planning,PPT(Non-Resale), etc.

Physical Product Printed Items

Product packaging,Books and Magazines,Newspapers,Cards,Posters, Brochurs,Coupons, etc.

Outdoor Advertising Marketing and Display

Outdoor Billboards, Bus ADs;Shop Windows,Office Building,Hotel, Shops, Other Public Places, etc.

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Mass Digital Media

(CD, DVD, Movie, TV, Video, etc.)

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Physical product resale

textiles, mobile phone cases, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, cups, T-shirts

Online resale

Mobile wallpaper, Design templates, Design elements, PPT templates and use our designs in main element to resale.

Portrait Commercial Use

(For learning and communication only)

Portrait-sensitive Use

(tobacco, medical, pharmaceutical,cosmetic and other industries)

(Please contact customer service)

(Please contact customer service)

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Enterprises Preferred
Tips:For users who do not use the images in accordance with the above copyright requirements, Lovepik reserves the right to claim compensation of not less than $99 per image!

If you are not sure which licensing plan is right for you?

Authorized consultation

Copyright Protection

Protect intellectual property and respect original design.

What is the basis for legal authorization after purchase?

When you purchase an authorization, we can provide you with an invoice, authorization and agreement, any of which can directly indicate the source of your image.

Can I transfer the image/video/music I purchased to my customer?

The online package is [special-only], and only authorized by a natural person or small and medium-sized enterprise, is not allowed to transfer authorization. If you need to transfer your authorization to your customers, and the other party is also a small, medium and micro enterprise, you can open a separate account for your customers and choose a package according to your needs.

I have already purchased a package, where can I get authorization?

After downloading the image, you can click on "Download License" on the image page, and personal premium user can be in "My Downloads" in the Personal Center. enterprise premium user in the "copyright images" on the company's homepage, click "Download License" on the right.

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