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CC0 Licensing Agreement

CC0 (creative commons 1.0 universal) Protocol: Powered by creative commons. Creators (designers, photographers, etc.) share the copyright of their works to the world and no longer hold copyright. It can be commercially available all over the world.(Click to view:full version)

CC0 agreement and VRF agreement are called the 21st century copyright innovation sales model. Born in the 21st century, it is in line with the trend of the Internet and mobile Internet, which greatly meets the needs of the network.

User authorization distinction:

PRF image
Free User Premium User Commercial use,attribution required. Commercial use, can download license. Limited Downloads High-Speed Unlimited Download
CC0 image
Free User Premium User Attribution required: from Point to CC0 License Agreement View Limited Downloads Unlimited Downloads

Comparison of Copyright Authorization Agreements:

Copyright licensing agreements are divided into:

Traditional sales model and innovative sales model.

The traditional sales model is divided into RM (copyright management) and RF (free royalty) licensing agreements. Both of them were born in the 20th century, without Internet, suitable for traditional outdoor advertising, printing and so on.

The innovative sales model is divided into CC0 and VRF licensing agreements. They were all born in the 21st century, not only adapting to the trend of the Internet and mobile Internet, but also satisfying the needs of the Internet and mobile Internet.

The RM (copyright management) copyright management mode is also referred to as the specific use of the copyright mode. It is defined as an image of the RM mode, and the user's authorization will be limited by the number of times, time, space, and purpose of use. Each time the customer uses these images, he must authorize the license. Authorized prices are calculated based on their usage, geographic location, expiration date, lifespan, image size, etc. End-users also have the opportunity to purchase use rights for images.

RM protocol features: The earliest licensing model. The price is expensive, and the price is generally close to thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands. Basically only applies to large enterprises.

The characteristics of the RF protocol: traditional profit image licensing model. The price of each image varies according to the size of the image.

CC0 Agreement: Copyright Sharing Agreement. The creators (designers, photographers, etc.) share the copyright of their works with the world and no longer hold copyrights. It can be used anywhere in the world.

PRF (Premium-plan Royalty-Free) Membership License Agreement:1.0

PRF is a new copyright licensing model for the Internet and mobile Internet. He focuses on various web uses: creating websites, social media, online media content, marketing articles, e-commerce marketing plans, brand marketing and other promotional purposes.

Users only need to purchase a premium plan to obtain the right to use the picture within the validity period. If the user downloads the PRF authorization protocol, the image can be used permanently without being limited by time, area, or the like.

The characteristics of the PRF license agreement are as follows:

  • 1.Users can get high-resolution images directly. The image will not be split into different sizes (eg S, M, L, XL, XXL).
  • 2.The price is low, one-time payment can be used for a long time.
  • 3.Each picture will not be charged separately.
  • 4.It provides the main services for the use of the Internet (Internet, mobile Internet). For example, website, Facebook, YouTube, application UI and so on.
  • 5.A large number of images suitable for personal and commercial use.
  • 6.It can be used for multiple purposes and times without any additional cost.


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